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Find your real cracker!

Unique to you…

Thanks to Paula at Paula’s Light for her Three Things Challenge… Strip, volcano, cracker.

Only when


Strip away the


And finally… step into

Your personal volcano

To painfully reveal

Your gems

Will you find your real


Ps. Don’t be afraid, you’ve got a whole community here routing for you!

(To rout – to come up with : uncover, routing out, to cause to emerge… 

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx

Is It? — The Introspective Scribbler

Is it me? Or is it them? Does every action of mine Push them farther away from me? Or have they always wanted to keep me at bay? Are their words twisted into bitter mockery by my own brain? Or have they always been this sour? Do my eyes make me see a frown on […]

Is It? — The Introspective Scribbler

Well, what do you think?

I think that’s the mystery of life, of communicating, of understanding anyone… including ourselves!

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx

Night Lights — aroused

night time thoughts …

Night Lights — aroused

Have you ever paused long enough to see the invisible “iron curtain” and notice what in your hurry to achieve you are actually missing…
Let Calmkate @ aroused open your eyes to the Night Lights. Le grà, Marie xx

Feed your curiosity…

Guess who fed his curiosity…

Curiosity about the world around us drives us to uncover the gems some people discard to the bin…

Le gra,

Marie xx

Adrift yet anchored…on Monday’s Memory Lane

Welcome to Monday’s Memory Lane where I share a post from back before we came to know each other.

In this short post I considered the ties that are part of life and how best to set yourself free.

How do you feel today?  How do you intend to feel tomorrow?

Adrift yet anchored!

Le gra,

Marie xx

Bullying & Beyond…20 Knowledge is Power!

Time and the right conditions not only preserve but bring about something of beauty – Marie Clancy.

In a previous post I wrote about the importance of finding and using your voice…Bullying & Beyond…17. Stand up, speak up!

So where can you start?

Start with a confident front, let your child see that you can handle this upsetting situation, even if underneath you are emotionally upset and probably unsure where to begin.

The first thing you can do is quip yourself with information, search the internet, empower yourself through learning.  Remember these three words…”knowledge is power” and knowledge will ensure you are no longer stuck…

Write a list of things you can do, which could include…

1. Contact your child’s class teacher or the teacher your child feels they have a connection with and trust most. Initially make contact by phone or by letter, be discreet, limit your physical contact with the school as your presence may be observed by the bullies and cause repercussions for your child.

2. If the bullying persists, arrange an appointment with the school Principal, again be discreet as in point 1 above.  Have a list or record of bullying events so that you communicate the details accurately and effectively.

3. Consult your General Practitioner for medical support. In Ireland you need a G.P., referral to access Counselling, Psychology or Psychiatric support.

In Ireland you can also…

4. Contact a member of the Board of Management, a member of the Parents Association (most schools have a Parents Association) or the National Parents Council. Read more about NPC here…

5. TUSLA, The Child and Family Agency is now the dedicated State agency responsible for improving wellbeing and outcomes for children. Read more about TUSLA here…

Under the Education (Welfare)  Act, 2000 Educational Welfare Officers (EWOs) of TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency work with young people and their families who are experiencing difficulty with school attendance. Their main priority is around the welfare of children and young people and ensuring that concerns and problems around attendance are addressed before attendance becomes a crisis issue. Read more here…

In schools participating in the Department of Education and Skill’s DEIS initiative (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools), the Educational Welfare Services of the Child and Family Agency have responsibility for operational management of two school-based support services – the Home School Community Liaison Scheme and the School Completion Programme. You might like to read more here…

If you are not getting the answers or support you need, schools in Ireland also have the support of NEPS; the National Educational Psychological Services.

NEPS psychologists work with both primary and post-primary schools and are concerned with learning, behaviour, social and emotional development. They work in partnership with teachers, parents and children in identifying educational needs. Read more about NEPS here…

If your school does not inform you of the availability of this service, request that the NEPS Psychologist is contacted or contact them yourself as I did.

NEPS, National Educational Psychological Service

If you or your child are/have been bullied then I would like to hear from you. Was it difficult to find information and the support you needed?

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx


Check out Calmkate’s Friday Foto Fun…Libraries.

My husband and I recently had the immense pleasure and real privilege of seeing Stephen Murphy, often referred to as Ireland’s people’s poet, live in our local Library. In an intimate setting of about 30 people, he shared his unique poetic style, insights and warm nature through his beautiful poetry, and he did this from the bottom of his heart.

You can find some of his work shared on Youtube including “Was it for this?” A poignant account of Ireland post Celtic tiger.

A lot of the poems he shared came from his new book, “From the Sea Hound” in which he does not hold back in sharing his strongly held beliefs. I was not disappointed that I bought his book, should you decide to buy it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either.

Before you push the chair – Stephen Murphy

Let me know what you think of … “Before you push the chair.” You might need to listen to it a few times because his style is somewhat similar to a spoken rap and therein lies a lot of deep thought.

I think people are afraid of feelings; their own feelings scare them or dare they have to deal with the messy feelings of others so I like “…As if for simply feeling is a failing of the self.”

I hope you get to experience similar interesting events at your local library.

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx

Ps. thanks to all who kindly messaged me to let me know the link to Youtube was not working, it was much appreciated!

‘I’ before ‘You’… on Monday’s Memory Lane

“I” before “You” Credit for this amazing photo has to go to the talented Katie O’R and the subject… our wonderful son John!

Welcome to Monday’s Memory Lane where I introduce you to a post written before we came to know each other.  I hope you like this post where I share some powerful ‘I’ statements…

“I” before “You”

Avid readers, this might interest you…April 2019 Quarterly Author Newsletter — This Is My Truth Now

Today’s post is a copy of my quarterly author newsletter for April 2019. I’ve been issuing these newsletters for just over a year, and I’m excited to share them on my blog. To read the current quarterly newsletter, you can sign up via my author website via this link. I’ve included a link to this […]

April 2019 Quarterly Author Newsletter — This Is My Truth Now

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