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At the MERCY of…


Everyday is a lottery and I think we win that lotto each and every time we open our eyes to face a new day.  Now we all know there are no givens in life and some days are tougher than others so…

if your day didn’t go to plan today, take heart…

because you are in charge of your thoughts and you are at the MERCY of…no one, not one single person, only yourself! Be kind to yourself, hug yourself, you are your best lotto!

Merci! Thanks for reading!


Marie x



As simple as ABC but don’t forget D!


A…accepting who you are as being ‘good enough’ in this moment but always wanting to achieve to your full potential.

B…begin, you can’t achieve any goal without taking that first scary step into the unknown.

C…commit to being happy, everything else will follow.

D…do it all over again tomorrow!

Much love,


Fantastic Day Flashback!



Simply peeling vegetables for home-made soup, listening to a compilation of 80’s songs, my legs are wanting to dance and I can only resist for a few minutes but best of all…my mind, thoughts and emotions are also dancing! Dancing and remembering, Nick Heyward and Haircut 100.

I’ll say it again…it’s the simple pleasures in life that mean the most! Fantastic Day! 

I hope you dance along and enjoy a fantastic day also!

Much love,

Marie x


Daily Prompt: Neophyte

via Daily Prompt: Neophyte

A year ago I was a neophyte to blogging. I typed up my first post and put it out there as much for myself as for you.

A little over sixteen months on and I’ve realised that something that started out as a pass-time has blossomed into something much more. I have a new dimension to my life.  It doesn’t replace other aspects of my life, like the enjoyment of working with my adult learners or my involvement with my family and friends but it does enhance them!

A little less than two years ago I would have LOLled, if you told me that I would share posts and comments with fellow bloggers from Ireland, Canada, America, Hong Kong, U.K., Malta, Nigeria and India!

I am no longer a neophyte to blogging and this could not have happened if it wasn’t for each one of you, taking the time to read my posts and better still swap comments, tips, insights and warm encouraging feedback!

I hope I can continue to do the same for others in return!

A warm Irish thank you and blessings to you!



…in a scramble

via Daily Prompt: Egg

I’m taking a risk in the name of fun! However, nobody likes a bad EGG so I could end up with EGG on my face…


EGG…soft or hard boiled, fried or scrambled

EGG encourage…especially to do wrong!

EGG O…the conscious mind (I must be out of mine)

EGG O centric…self-centred (me, no never!)

EGGs aggerate…represent as greater (well maybe a small bit!)

EGGs alt…praise highly (reminder to self…self praise is no praise)

I’d best let this EGGs spire… before I

EGGs asperate you!

Thanks for reading this “yoke”

Marie x


Reflection is key to learning! For what it’s worth these are my thoughts on this thought provoking post. Check out Alyssa’s insights at Fightmsdaily’s post.


Alyssa’s post is hugely reflective and full of introspection. She reflects on ‘boundaries’ and ‘acceptance’ two topics which influence us daily. I think her post will be so helpful to anyone who beats themselves up and do not accept that they are good enough as they are.

It sounds like she has gained great insights about herself by taking time to look back over recent events. Life is full of boundaries. Speed limits and recipes, for example, all have boundaries for our safety and welfare. Exceeding these might be exciting and sometimes bring personal growth but they can also have consequences.

While on an introductory course to counselling skills I took away one ‘gem’…that was ‘Awareness is key’.

Learning to know your own body and then really as Alyssa says ’embrace and accept’ it as doing its best is not an easy place to reach but her post tells of that new level of awareness. It’s not a cop out, it’s not lazy, it’s ok to function within your capability and not try to be somebody else. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it is the very opposite in fact, a sign of strength, self-respect and self-care. When we truly know ourselves and allow ourselves to be ourselves, then we really can empathise with and support others! Thanks for a thought provoking post Alyssa! Much love, Marie x

We all need a day that we sleep in and then continue to rest for an entire day! Today is my day to do all of that. I actually sleep in this morning, well until one of my precious cats decided it was a good time to jump in my face to wake me up, […]

via Very Restful Saturday! — Fightmsdaily

An Irish Train Journey in January…

Mid morning, dark cloud covered sky. Light from farm sheds none from the sun. Trees leaf-less, life-less it seems, to the casual eye but they are instead, busy making time for leisure, with their excesses shed, the essentials laid bare, recouping, renewing, restoring their reserves to re-emerge again even more beautiful and experienced.

images (1)

Inside the train, artificial light, real people either going towards or from. Little or no conversation, hushed and mumbled words float past from time to time like the tea-trolley attendant, offering tempting tit-bits. Dark coloured clothing, black, grey, oxblood red at best, mimicks the dark sky and subdued mood.

Externally, bare fields bereft of livestock, boggy in parts and pale yellow sit patiently waiting, Spring not too long off. Destination getting closer. Clouds, fluffy and smoke like, obscure the distant dark blue grey mountain, swirling about it.


Charleville, passengers alight from and enter into this cocooned, warm world. Signals permit our onward journey into rural countryside again. Digital technology ‘as Gailge’ and in English reiterate and reassure us of life being on the right track. Momentum building, life rushes past, through some dark tunnels only to emerge again as always to daylight, as surely as the trough that follows an anxiety peak.

Cars stopped at the level crossing, patiently waiting, so much of our time is given over to waiting. The visi-vest clad attendant leans towards the open driver’s window in full throws of conversation. What better way to maximise those out of our control; time-trapped moments.

Onward, relentlessly, observing life in silence within our cocooned world, fractured only by a technology enabled call. One sided conversation audible only.  It mirrors many one to one conversations where respect never resides. From a deep, tree and shrub covered embankment, overwhelming and claustrophobic, reminiscent of the lonesome and isolated Christmas endured by some, we emerge to the welcom buzz of Charleville station.

Now the final leg of the journey and coincidentally the ticket master arrives and in a flash marks my ticket, like a fatal medical diagnosis and comments ‘perfect thanks’, as if justifying a fulfilled journey.

We momentarily halt in no man’s land, awaiting a decision from higher powers but luck is on our side and we motor forward obviously remission or getting the all clear. Renewed opportunity to continue our adventure.

New colours joined us in Mallow, in both shades of skin and clothing. Some denim and winter white with a splash of burnt orange brings welcome life and a hope of a widened gene-pool.

Train shunts more now from side to side, shaking and making balance less certain and at the same time the track climbs upward, symbolic of advancing years.


A sister train streaks past in the opposite direction, in a flash so brief, once laughing and playing school and shop and making mud pies, long gone now, down-track.

Moments now to our destination, full exceleration, countryside flying past, excitement building, an opportunity for friendship and shared conversations, writing a new page, laying tracks and future plans. Filling the day with happiness and hope of adventures and memories to savor!


…Thank you for reading and I hope it stirred memories of train journeys and friendship for you!

Unroll your life.

To unroll your life, you have to open it first.

2014-11-26 13.28.05
Our amazing son on work experience

I wonder what’s waiting to be discovered!

Ordinary and Exceptional

via Daily Prompt: Exceptional


Is it normal to want to be more, to want to be unusual?

And is it typical to not be typical?

And is it okay to be extraordinary and out of the ordinary? And what about being rare or even singular – a one off and unique?

Would it be unprecedented, unexpected or surprising to…

feel you are capable of more? But to not yet know what that more is?

Well in my mind all of this is both ordinary and exceptional because that is what we already are!



Be yourself…ordinary and exceptional!

Much love,

Marie x

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