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The Power is yours… Quote No. 11 “Encourage Yourself Encourage Other”

Quote No.11 from Encourage Yourself Encourage Others by Anne Devine.



This quote is particularly relevant now more than ever.  Don’t be afraid to “Honour and remember those you love in your way.”

We are a country with a long-standing tradition of showing our respects in remembering our deceased relatives, neighbours and friends. However, Covid19 restrictions have caused funeral traditions and services here in Ireland to change.

Now only a limited number of family members can attend a funeral wake and mass now.  That could limit a funeral size to ten or twenty family members only.

Relations, friends and neighbours have started forming a socially distanced line along the road side leading to the church or graveyard instead.  These changes are difficult for all concerned.  Respect how others cope with these changes.  Allow other to honour and remember those they love in their way.

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx


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The Power is yours… Quote No. 15 “Encourage Yourself Encourage Other”

Quote No.15 from Encourage Yourself Encourage Others by Anne Devine.


Make today the most amazing Sunday by putting these four lines into practice…

Then do it again tomorrow!

Let me know how you get on,  share the difficulties you encounter and share the highlights, encourage others by letting us know how remaining compassionate changed your day!


Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx

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Daily Prompt: Allergic reaction!

via Daily Prompt: Allergic

There are remedies for allergic reactions…

(Antihistamines are drugs which treat allergic reactions and can give relief when a person has nasal congestion, sneezing, or hives because of pollen, dust mites, or animal allergy. Wikipedia)
If only there were remedies which treat our sometimes unquestioned allergic reaction to human beings we see as being ‘different’ to us, whether it is in gender, colour, race, or religious beliefs!
Or maybe we pride ourselves on being non-judgemental yet stand by in silence when a friend, relative or colleague is not so open-minded.
Imagine how healthy it would be to be allergy free and see all human beings as an extension of ourselves!
I’ve found so many blogs where people open up and share their struggles without the fear of judgement here on WordPress…let’s cause a tidal wave,
let’s pay it forward into every social media platform and every interaction we have today!
We can make a difference!
Much love,
Marie xx


Probably the best Christmas present to give yourself!

To All Nursing Students, including my own: If I were to assign any homework this weekend it would be to take a break. 10 minutes at a time. 5 times a day. Because you have all worked exceptionally hard the past two weeks. And a good rest is half the work. Although things may not […]

via Work hard. Rest. Repeat. — Thriving Under Pressure

I JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS GREAT ADVICE from Dr.D for all paths in life, step back, pause, recoup and learn to CREATE the balance as “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”. Otherwise we will never find it, be given it, buy it or borrow it!

What will you do today to CREATE balance in your Saturday?

To ‘DO’ or to ‘BE’…now that’s a good question for Black Friday?

What a great post for Black Friday! Emotionsoflife2016 certainly got me thinking!

Just take a moment to consider…are you a ‘DOer’ or do you try to simply ‘BE‘?

I think it’s not easy to simply ‘BE‘ I think DOing can be easier.  Would you agree?

I think we often busy ourselves ‘DOing’ things to avoid ‘BEing’ there for ourselves or others. Have you ever made yourself busy ‘DOing to avoid thinking about the challenges or issues you have faced?  Well I certainly have!

Maybe the BEST BLACK FRIDAY commodity we could invest in is…

Taking time to ‘BE‘…
BE ourselves; BE gentle and kind to ourselves and others,

BE truely present; BE in the moment with ourselves and with others, giving of our undivided attention,

BE kind; think before we speak, say a kind word and avoid words that restrain or disempower ourselves or others,

  • then our ‘DOing’ will truly ‘BE‘ special, empowering and transformative!


I would love you to stop in and share your thoughts with me. I guarantee a warm Irish welcome!

Marie x



“The Way to do is to be.” ― Lao Tzu Indeed!!! WE must DO before we can BE. I am curious to read what you guys have to say about this quote, and don’t forget to read the “Tao Te Ching” Stay bless and thank you for your continues support, LOVE YOU ALL. Leave […]

via Philosophy #159 — emotionsoflife2016

At the MERCY of…


Everyday is a lottery and I think we win that lotto each and every time we open our eyes to face a new day.  Now we all know there are no givens in life and some days are tougher than others so…

if your day didn’t go to plan today, take heart…

because you are in charge of your thoughts and you are at the MERCY of…no one, not one single person, only yourself! Be kind to yourself, hug yourself, you are your best lotto!

Merci! Thanks for reading!


Marie x



…in a scramble

via Daily Prompt: Egg

I’m taking a risk in the name of fun! However, nobody likes a bad EGG so I could end up with EGG on my face…


EGG…soft or hard boiled, fried or scrambled

EGG encourage…especially to do wrong!

EGG O…the conscious mind (I must be out of mine)

EGG O centric…self-centred (me, no never!)

EGGs aggerate…represent as greater (well maybe a small bit!)

EGGs alt…praise highly (reminder to self…self praise is no praise)

I’d best let this EGGs spire… before I

EGGs asperate you!

Thanks for reading this “yoke”

Marie x


Reflection is key to learning! For what it’s worth these are my thoughts on this thought provoking post. Check out Alyssa’s insights at Fightmsdaily’s post.


Alyssa’s post is hugely reflective and full of introspection. She reflects on ‘boundaries’ and ‘acceptance’ two topics which influence us daily. I think her post will be so helpful to anyone who beats themselves up and do not accept that they are good enough as they are.

It sounds like she has gained great insights about herself by taking time to look back over recent events. Life is full of boundaries. Speed limits and recipes, for example, all have boundaries for our safety and welfare. Exceeding these might be exciting and sometimes bring personal growth but they can also have consequences.

While on an introductory course to counselling skills I took away one ‘gem’…that was ‘Awareness is key’.

Learning to know your own body and then really as Alyssa says ’embrace and accept’ it as doing its best is not an easy place to reach but her post tells of that new level of awareness. It’s not a cop out, it’s not lazy, it’s ok to function within your capability and not try to be somebody else. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it is the very opposite in fact, a sign of strength, self-respect and self-care. When we truly know ourselves and allow ourselves to be ourselves, then we really can empathise with and support others! Thanks for a thought provoking post Alyssa! Much love, Marie x

We all need a day that we sleep in and then continue to rest for an entire day! Today is my day to do all of that. I actually sleep in this morning, well until one of my precious cats decided it was a good time to jump in my face to wake me up, […]

via Very Restful Saturday! — Fightmsdaily

‘STUCK?’…Mark Twain and Nelson Mandela had it sussed!

If like me, the thing you find hardest is taking the first step and getting started, and if you find an endless amount of other unimportant little jobs to divert you away from the main task of your day or of your hour, then take heart…

I have your corner, I know how it feels! We feel… stuck and there can be any amount of reasons; such as tiredness, feeling stressed, inability to focus, feeling overwhelmed, but lean on the wisdom of Nelson Mandela and Mark Twain

they have obviously been through this very same struggle and guess what?

They figured it out, they have it sussed!
Go on…together we can do it!

Let me know what had you ‘stuck‘ today and how you overcame it!

Much love!

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