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Avid readers, this might interest you…April 2019 Quarterly Author Newsletter — This Is My Truth Now

Today’s post is a copy of my quarterly author newsletter for April 2019. I’ve been issuing these newsletters for just over a year, and I’m excited to share them on my blog. To read the current quarterly newsletter, you can sign up via my author website via this link. I’ve included a link to this […]

April 2019 Quarterly Author Newsletter — This Is My Truth Now

Bullying & Beyond… 19.And from the tunnel… two emerge

Emerge… to rise or appear from a hidden or unknown place or condition, to come out into view

It just occurred to me this morning, that both our adult children are up bright and early heading on their own individual, unique adventures.

Both of them have been embracing life to the fullest of their individual ability, facing up to life’s challenges, enhancing their potential, writing their story and creating dreams to cherish.

You might ask what’s unusual about two adult children getting on with life?

Well, simply because they are examples of what resilience looks like.

They have travelled the long and ugly road of bullying and learned well from its scars. They have swam and often sank in its muddy waters but both have refused to be broken. They have both instead re-crafted themselves into emerging and evolving version of themselves.

And I am a mother, like any mother, who is both proud of them and equally trusts in their own ability to be proud of themselves.

The mistake we made, which I’d like to share with other parents is…

We taught our children to have respect for others but we forgot to teach them; actually we couldn’t teach them the importance of self-respect, because we didn’t know ourselves how important it was. We have painfully learned, that self-respect is vital and the only way to get it is to respect yourself enough to


I wish you and yours, similar life learning and life embracing adventures.

Have you or your family experienced bullying? Have you learned the importance of self-respect?

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie Xx

Know Your Mission: Finding Purpose in Your Life & Work as a Teacher.. — Tea4Teacher

Staying in touch with the reasons you became a teacher is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t get jaded and lose your enthusiasm in the rigmarole and bureaucracy of teaching life. Over time, people tend to see more obstacles and allow the politics to rob them of the joy of the job. […]

Know Your Mission: Finding Purpose in Your Life & Work as a Teacher.. — Tea4Teacher

A timely share by Anna J, as we approach the final term and our batteries start to lag…good reminders for teachers but also anyone involved in parenting!

For you today…

Just trust…

your heart and soul,

to lead you

to the places that

your eye and mind,

The work of the wonderful Katie O’R. A name that will resonate with many in time to come.

can’t even begin to see or perceive!

Le grà,

Marie xx

For you today… from me!

Watch out for the work of the budding & wonderful Katie O’R in the not too distant future.

Just trust…

your heart & soul,

to take you

to the most exhilarating places

your mind & eyes

can’t even begin to see…

Le grà,

Marie xx

As we age…

Follow this link to find philip Abang…

Today, I am at a loss to find the right words, and that’s a first for me, being Irish! Philip Abang asked if he could share my post ‘Scatter’ A simple reblog would have filled me with happiness but to find he had applied his creative talent to my words and produce something so colourful and beautiful fills me with pride and joy! But to follow that up with such an affirming and encouraging write-up/testimonial is a whole new experience for me! Take a tour of Philip’s blog, you won’t be disappointed! Le grà, Marie


Philip Abang

As we age...

As we age, we change... Photography. Philip Abang. Create Space

I was reading the post Monday’s Memory Lane… 3.Scatter the previous week and was drawn to these inspiring words;

“As we age, we change how we think, how we feel and how we behave. We drop old habits and seek out new. Enjoy scattering your thoughts…some go unseen and blow away on the breeze but some nourish the ground they fall on.” _Marie

Marie wrote these inspiring words on her website Create Space. I thought it was great and insightful about life, so I decided to place her quote on a photo I had taken above to convey a kind of meaning.

Marie is an amazing writer and has an exceptional skill in interpreting life, art, design, almost anything. I am a huge admirer of her works. I highly recommend visiting her website and follow her works. She is incredible.

Design, Art direction, Post
By Philip Abang

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Bullying & Beyond…5.Loneliness


Time and the right conditions not only preserve but bring about something of beauty – Marie Clancy.


In my previous post I wrote about the importance of self-care, you might like to read it 4.Self-care x 10! When you or your children are struggling to cope with bullying it is very important to continue to practice self-care during and after the event.   Being bullied can cause strong feelings of loneliness which come from the isolation of bullying. Bullying thrives on isolation and fear. Lack of access to information, lack of support and worse still lack of knowing which way to turn or who to ask for help all serve to enhance the isolation and loneliness you feel!

The loneliness was something I found hardest to cope with as I struggled to find answers and effective support.

But there is help out there.  Don’t allow yourself to be rendered voiceless.

So I want YOU to know that I am here for YOU and YOU are not alone…reach out, share your concerns and talk about the bullying you or your child are experiencing.

What has been your experience of the loneliness of bullying?  How would you describe the loneliness of bullying?  How did you overcome it?

Much love,

Mindfully Marie xx



Monday’s Memory Lane… 3.Scatter

Our thoughts and words may scatter but they always land. Make sure your words are ones you’ll be proud of…


Welcome to Monday’s memory lane where I share an old post…

In this post Scatter your thoughts…

I pondered the impact of our thoughts when they transform into words…

As we age, we change how we think, how we feel and how we behave. We drop old habits and seek out new. Enjoy scattering your thoughts…some go unseen and blow away on the breeze but some nourish the ground they fall on.

What thoughts and words have you scattered today? Are they ones you’ll be proud of?

Le grá,

Mindfully Marie xx







The Horse’s Mouth

Curious about being coached creatively and would like to try a free no-obligations demo session? Read on…

Peacock Poetry

Dear friends,

As well as being a poetry enthusiast, some of you know that I am a certified professional co-active life coach. I specialise in helping creatives and aspiring creative clients to access and deepen their creativity, work through blocks and to help bring their dreams, projects and personal life goals to fruition. I cannot tell you what an honour it is to witness my clients transforming in our sessions. It is both a playful and an empowering process and, as you can no doubt tell, I am truly passionate about this work.

Four of my lovely clients have made video testimonials which I have made into an iMovie and can be viewed below. I would be really grateful if you could share this post and my video as of course word of mouth is the best way of people getting to hear about what I do.

Coaching Testimonials


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