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From…The Death Project

I was admitted to the hospital yesterday (a different hospital due to ongoing communication issues with my gyne-oncology team) to get a jump start on treatment. Giving into my dad’s persistence, I had a consultation with a specialist in my disease (it’s rare, so such doctors are very few worldwide) in New York City last […]

via Late December Update — The Death Project

ENDING ONE YEAR, ENTERING ANOTHER, something we take for granted and are you caught in the past or fretting about the future…maybe you need to read Susan’s story.  This is how her story impacts me…

“You are an inspiration to me Susan! I am in awe of your determination to write and share so calmly despite such a huge struggle.
As I think of you and how remarkable you are…
I am drawn to the words of Victor E.Frankl in his book “Mans Search For Meaning” in which he said “…everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”.
Much love, Marie xx


Twelve Days of Quotes…Ten…Suicide.

“A book is a suicide postponed.”
― Emil M. Cioran

I have to thank EMOTIONSOFLIFE for sharing the above quote.

Suicide is a word that strikes fear in our hearts, it is a difficult subject to discuss and when there is a suicide in a family it has far-reaching and long-lasting effects.  As Christmas is a stressful time for many people, suicide may seem like the only way out.

In 2013 Ireland ranked 6th compared to other EU countries for suicide in 15-19 year olds. This is a frightening statistic for such a small country.


Loneliness is a poor friend of mental health. Blogging is a pro-active strategy in coping with mental health and can have a positive impact on mental well-being as blogging provides access to a community of like-minded people.  It unites us. When we connect with other bloggers and give and receive words of support and encouragement, it makes our struggles easier. By sharing we can gain new insights on how to cope with challenges and overcome our struggles.

Reading and writing are therapeutic and cathartic. I’ve read numerous blogs that voice the benefits of writing about their struggles. Writing about and sharing your own thoughts and feelings can act as a welcome distraction and provide a real focus and purpose to your day. Writing also facilitates reflection on the events in your life, which can help us see things from a new perspective and help us find solutions.

If you are struggling with issues don’t keep them locked inside, let them out…share them and you will find kind, supportive, non-judgemental, life giving love, here on WordPress!

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Much love,


Twelve Days of Christmas…Nine…Measure.

Update/Breakthrough…Thanks to a comment below this post I have to add a P.S….below my original post…

“Measure yourself against what you can achieve, against your own goals, not what you perceive others to be achieving.”

Vince Jeevar PsychSpot
The Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Pt III

What a great piece of advice! Start today…compete against yourself, set your own goals, raise your own bar, push your own development and avoid comparing yourself to others.

After all it’s like comparing an Irish summer to a Spanish summer…two totally different animals!


What has been your experience of setting and achieving your own goals? Have you seen what happens when you stop comparing yourself to others? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Much love,




If you are reading for the first time…thank you for visiting.  If you are visiting because of my update then thank you for your time, for visiting and reading again…

The subject of bullying and abuse is a subject that’s very close to my heart. Both my children were bullied…we still struggle with the aftermath…

Crazywriterof6’s comment (‘ I try ‘)…below has provided the key to help me unlock what I have wanted to share but couldn’t verbalise…until now.

My response…to Crazywriterof6…was as follows…

“Lovely to see you here, thanks for visiting and commenting! The main thing is that we continue to ‘try’.
I have learned a lot from my children. When my children were bullied I saw that our sense of power is taken from us – we feet (should read feel) useless/powerless or in otherwords demotivated/disempowered. (We give up ‘trying’ because we have been told through the actions of abusers that we are not good enough; ie we are told we are too stupid, too slow, too skinny, too fat, too smelly, gay etc….)

But if we can take on board the idea that what we ‘try’ to do today is ‘good enough’ for today and if we remain motivated to ‘try’ again tomorrow (no matter how bad we think ‘we’ or our effort was)…then we are on the path to accepting ourself as ‘good enough’…that’s all we need to be…we don’t need to be perfect!

And when we learn to be happy with not being perfect (not comparing ourselves to others) then it’s an awesome realisation and feeling of being ‘good enough as I am! A realisation that I don’t need to be like anybody else – I am myself”
Keep writing, keep ‘trying’ !! Best wishes, Marie. Thanks for helping me put this into words for the first time (feeling emotional now!) Bless you!

The work of ‘Alfred Adler…Individual Psychology’ has been a positive in this journey for me and informed my learning…you may find it interesting also.

Please share your thoughts with me!

Much love,



Twelve Days of Quotes…Five… Significant

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

Dalai Lama.


The mosquito is not hung up on its size or how it looks. It goes about its business anyway!  Don’t hold yourself back, speak your truth, be yourself, reach out and make a difference. It doesn’t have to cost anything. A helping hand, a smile, a word of encouragement or a hug… these are all free and could make all the difference!





Be a significant life…think big…start small!

Much love,



Guest Post…”Who am I today?” The Superpower that is a Writer’s Voice!

Today I am really proud and excited to have the opportunity to share a beautiful piece of writing by one of my students, Liam Cleere.

Liam returned to learning a few years ago having struggled with literacy difficulties for many years. However, within a very short space of time he moved from a place where he struggled to write two sentences to realising that he loved to write!

Liam has now written numerous pieces of fiction, non-fiction and poetry and has pieces published in Tipperary ETB’s (Education and Training Board) Adult Learning Scheme Annual for a number of years and last year in NALA’s (National Adult Literacy Association) Magazine, Literacy Matters, which is distributed throughout Ireland.

Liam also wrote a poem for The Clancy Brothers Festival “If these chairs could talk’ project, held in June and he also agreed to read his poem to a gathering in Carrick-on-Suir Library for Culture Night.

Liam is eager to encourage anyone who has difficulty reading or writing to reach out and join adult literacy classes.  With this in mind he was an Ambassador for Literacy, speaking at NALA’s Student Day; which gives students the opportunity to meet other students with similar concerns, helps students build their confidence, self-esteem and realise the value of their unique voice.

All these new challenges demonstrate Liam’s determination to overcome obstacles in his life, further his new-found love of writing and enhance his personal development.

Liam’s non-fiction piece, “Who am I Today?” which speaks for itself…

In it Liam reminds us of two important things;

that…”as an adult, dreams can come through with a bit of luck, work and imagination

And…”Sometimes us adults need to forget about everything and just play and have fun”. 


Who am I today?

There was an awful row, well it was more of a battle in our house the other morning. The fighting and violence was terrible. And where was I you might ask, and what was I doing? Well, I was in the middle of it, and what I was doing?  I was having fun!  I’m Superman you see!

Not the real Superman of course, I can’t fly but on that morning I was!  No, I’m not going crazy or popped too many Happy Pills. I was saving the house from The Joker and Harley Quinn and a load of other bad guys, with my daughter Caitlin, who was Wonder Woman, complete with mask and cape and Sierra the Wonder dog. We were playing out one of Caitlin’s games and I had the best time. We both did!

Imagination, there’s a lot to be said for it and Caitlin has a powerful one. We have always encouraged her in her imagination and I play with her often.

In the days before the battle between good and evil I had been Batman and Fred from Scooby Do and in Caitlin’s words, I was a baldy Fred! To me it doesn’t matter what we play as long as we have fun and enjoy it. I have been everything from a Princess to a Pony in Caitlin’s games. I’ve had my nails done and even been treated to a makeup session (didn’t look half bad if I say so myself) and I loved every minute of it! I believe that once a child has a good imagination they can be anything they want, and as an adult, dreams can come through with a bit of luck, work and imagination. All the toys in the world, or computer games, phones, tabs or whatever can’t match the powerful mind of a child. It’s fun to watch and even better to be asked to play.


Sometimes us adults need to forget about everything and just play and have fun! Does me the world of good and who cares if I look silly, Caitlin certainly doesn’t and neither do I. Who will I be tomorrow?  I can’t wait to find out!

Ps    In case you’re wondering who won the battle? Wonder Woman and Superman of course. It was very close until Wonder Woman zapped them with her electric power and saved us all!

Liam Ceere


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Would you agree Liam has come a long way from struggling to write two sentences?

Would you send him any words of encouragement?  I’d love to hear what you think and I will happily pass them on to Liam!

Much love,

Marie xx



Probably the best Christmas present to give yourself!

To All Nursing Students, including my own: If I were to assign any homework this weekend it would be to take a break. 10 minutes at a time. 5 times a day. Because you have all worked exceptionally hard the past two weeks. And a good rest is half the work. Although things may not […]

via Work hard. Rest. Repeat. — Thriving Under Pressure

I JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS GREAT ADVICE from Dr.D for all paths in life, step back, pause, recoup and learn to CREATE the balance as “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”. Otherwise we will never find it, be given it, buy it or borrow it!

What will you do today to CREATE balance in your Saturday?

100’s of reasons for Gratitude!



A few months ago notification popped into my e-mail that I had my first follower!

I was intrigued by this and wondered what it was about my thoughts and words that would make somebody want to follow… me! I was quite happy airing my simple musings on life and getting two or three likes was a bonus!

But a few months on and I have got so much from writing this blog that it’s actually hard to verbalise it! It is probably most accurate to say what I have got is a clatter of (slang, means a lot of), new feelings… Feeling alive… feeling hope, feeling affirmed, feeling focused, feeling capable, feeling connected and feeling like I count for something!

I have enjoyed penning a few thoughts for about 10 years now, starting to journal when I hit 40! But my writing has become more frequent since joining WordPress.  It is also more enjoyable and more purposeful!

Some days the daily prompt really resonates with me and I find myself compelled to write. Some days I read an amazing post and get to see a whole new perspective and I just have to comment. Other days I hear the pain in your words and I just have to share some support.  Some days your comments lift my lagging spirits and help me believe that anything is possible!

Today I hit 100 followers and it made me feel so grateful! The number is not important to me. I will still write whether I have 1 or 100 followers but it reminded me of the 100’s of ways I have been blessed by being a WordPress Blogger! And, now I know that if, together, we can realise our potential and encourage each other to flourish, then this one day has been a good day!

Here are just a few of the 100’s of kind and thought-filled comments that make me so grateful for creating time for Create Space…and getting to know all of you!

“That’s a good idea.
Thank you so much for reading, so glad you enjoyed it.
So grateful for your lovely comment.
Thanks for stopping by.
You definitely deserved the nomination!!!
Thanks so much for your note.
Thank you for sharing.
I do enjoy reading your posts.
I appreciate your love and positively towards me.
I send love and happiness to you!
Have a great rest of your day.
Close-knit – lovely metaphor, Marie.
Love this family to…sister!
I agree! Well said…
I appreciate you words, it helps a lot at the moment.
That’s awesome!
LOVE IT!!! ♥
Thank you for your warm comment and encouragement.
It’s a very beautiful post, one that gives me hope…
I agree with you whole-heartedlly.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day!”

I truly hope each one of you has a good day and if it’s not a good day…just know that today is, and we all are, good enough!! Believe in yourself and all thoes you meet throughout your day and then watch as wonderous things happen!

Much love,

Marie x

At the MERCY of…


Everyday is a lottery and I think we win that lotto each and every time we open our eyes to face a new day.  Now we all know there are no givens in life and some days are tougher than others so…

if your day didn’t go to plan today, take heart…

because you are in charge of your thoughts and you are at the MERCY of…no one, not one single person, only yourself! Be kind to yourself, hug yourself, you are your best lotto!

Merci! Thanks for reading!


Marie x



As simple as ABC but don’t forget D!


A…accepting who you are as being ‘good enough’ in this moment but always wanting to achieve to your full potential.

B…begin, you can’t achieve any goal without taking that first scary step into the unknown.

C…commit to being happy, everything else will follow.

D…do it all over again tomorrow!

Much love,


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