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Unswerving Statues…


S…Smile and

T…try out

A…anything silly

T…that lifts your heart

U…Ur spirit is unique and ubiquitous

E…evoke your inner child and

S…smile some more!

Kate at Aroused Friday Fun…Statues

Friday Fun – statues

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx

Fantastic Day Flashback!



Simply peeling vegetables for home-made soup, listening to a compilation of 80’s songs, my legs are wanting to dance and I can only resist for a few minutes but best of all…my mind, thoughts and emotions are also dancing! Dancing and remembering, Nick Heyward and Haircut 100.

I’ll say it again…it’s the simple pleasures in life that mean the most! Fantastic Day! 

I hope you dance along and enjoy a fantastic day also!

Much love,

Marie x


“Wouldn’t it be good?”

It’s a heady thing…isn’t it? Young love, first crush, wanting to be special in somebody’s eyes. Walking hand in hand, grasping the opportunity to spend a few hours in each other’s company!

We walked around town on a Sunday listening to Vincent Hanly on MTVUSA and one of the songs I remember was “Wouldn’t it be good” by Nik Kershaw.

And so it was 34 years ago when I started dating Anthony. I was 16, he was 18 almost 19…a big age gap in my parents’ eyes. Little did they or indeed we think it would last but 6 years later at 22 and 24 we were married!

Now the funny thing is we are celebrating our anniversary today, Saturday the 30th of September. It’s not a milestone anniversary but it’s equally important! It feels like a dozen years but it’s actually 28!

Little did I think the title to Nik Kershaw’s song ‘Wouldn’t it be good’ would be so apt. Life has thrown some ups and downs our way but it has been good and it will continue to be good because we want it to be good!

And next Sunday we are off to Waterford to see Nik Kershaw in The Theatre Royal and to sing along and we are adamant that “We won’t let the sun go down on me (us!).


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