Quote No.27 from Encourage Yourself Encourage Others by Anne Devine.


Isn’t it amazing when you stop to think about it?  There are thousands of blogs and bloggers here, yet no two bloggers are the same or have the same voice.  Each voice speaks to me in it’s own unique way!  Do you agree?  I know I have come to recognise so many wonderful, insightful, warm and entertaining voices.  I hope you see yourself in my list!  Embrace your unique self!

And as for flaws!  Couldn’t we write a book on flaws and what a creation that would be! We all have flaws.  Learning to embrace our imperfection is the gateway to possibility…

Will you run to or away from that gateway today?

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx

Encourage Yourself Encourage Others by Anne Devine. (If you would like your own copy of Anne’s book send your enquiries to info.devinepublishing@gmail.com)