Emerge… to rise or appear from a hidden or unknown place or condition, to come out into view

It just occurred to me this morning, that both our adult children are up bright and early heading on their own individual, unique adventures.

Both of them have been embracing life to the fullest of their individual ability, facing up to life’s challenges, enhancing their potential, writing their story and creating dreams to cherish.

You might ask what’s unusual about two adult children getting on with life?

Well, simply because they are examples of what resilience looks like.

They have travelled the long and ugly road of bullying and learned well from its scars. They have swam and often sank in its muddy waters but both have refused to be broken. They have both instead re-crafted themselves into emerging and evolving version of themselves.

And I am a mother, like any mother, who is both proud of them and equally trusts in their own ability to be proud of themselves.

The mistake we made, which I’d like to share with other parents is…

We taught our children to have respect for others but we forgot to teach them; actually we couldn’t teach them the importance of self-respect, because we didn’t know ourselves how important it was. We have painfully learned, that self-respect is vital and the only way to get it is to respect yourself enough to


I wish you and yours, similar life learning and life embracing adventures.

Have you or your family experienced bullying? Have you learned the importance of self-respect?

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie Xx