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Today, I am at a loss to find the right words, and that’s a first for me, being Irish! Philip Abang asked if he could share my post ‘Scatter’ A simple reblog would have filled me with happiness but to find he had applied his creative talent to my words and produce something so colourful and beautiful fills me with pride and joy! But to follow that up with such an affirming and encouraging write-up/testimonial is a whole new experience for me! Take a tour of Philip’s blog, you won’t be disappointed! Le grà, Marie


Philip Abang

As we age...

As we age, we change... Photography. Philip Abang. Create Space

I was reading the post Monday’s Memory Lane… 3.Scatter the previous week and was drawn to these inspiring words;

“As we age, we change how we think, how we feel and how we behave. We drop old habits and seek out new. Enjoy scattering your thoughts…some go unseen and blow away on the breeze but some nourish the ground they fall on.” _Marie

Marie wrote these inspiring words on her website Create Space. I thought it was great and insightful about life, so I decided to place her quote on a photo I had taken above to convey a kind of meaning.

Marie is an amazing writer and has an exceptional skill in interpreting life, art, design, almost anything. I am a huge admirer of her works. I highly recommend visiting her website and follow her works. She is incredible.

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By Philip Abang

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