I would like to thank Kate for interviewing me and including me in her “hall of fame” on her blog “Meet The Bloggers. It’s been a few weeks since Kate posted this but as usual with my fibro/fatigue, I’m regularly playing catch up…but I’ve come to accept that as ‘ok’ too… Thanks for reading and do take a few minutes to check out some really interesting blogs.

Meet the Bloggers

Sorry for neglecting this blog, I have many excuses but none of them good enough!

Would like to introduce Marie from Ireland who I had read before but it was her interest in posting a series on Bullying that really attracted my attention.  She writes well and now I understand as an educator she knows how to keep her posts relevant and short.

Her’s is a most interesting story, so read on …. shame we can’t hear her Irish lilt.

Please share your background, hobbies/interests?

Fàilte! (Welcome!), I’m Marie, a wife, mother, adult further education tutor and blogger from Ireland.

I had an idyllic rural childhood surrounded by extended family. My parents had a strong social conscience and I’ve followed their lead with an interest in social justice. I’ve collected and filled shoeboxes with gifts, for children all over the world for more than twenty years. I was thrilled to…

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