My dear son, As I sit and write this, my mind goes back to that night of 9th November 1964, when I was sitting on the wooden bench in the waiting room of Harkisondas Hospital, awaiting the arrival of my second child. I remember the lady doctor attending on your mother, coming and reassuring me and […]

via Happy Birthday, Kunal — belatedbloomer

This is an important reminder that whether spoken or written – our words are powerful!

This post is some very special! How much happier the world would be if more fathers & mothers could show their love for their children like this! A letter like this may be something of beauty now but its inherent power lies in the positive and enduring influence it contains. A beautiful share! And although not personally known to me, I enjoy the wisdom of this blogger and wish him and his son Kunal much happiness on this special day!

Have you ever thought about writing something like this?  Imagine the positivity you could create!

Much love,

Marie xx