Life changing events happen! We can make them happen! Start by reading this great post from Dr.Andrea Dinardo at Thriving Under Pressure.

Encouragement…might be a big word but it contains 3 small syllables, 2 of which are “Courage” and “Ment”…so don’t hold back, put your heart into it, because when it’s truly “Meant” a compliment can give the receiver untold amounts of “Courage”…go on Encourage someone today!

Thriving Under Pressure


Celebrate their strengths.

Today I encourage you to notice the little things in everyone you meet. Their smile. What lifts them up. What makes their heart sing. How hard they work. How they get through a day.

Show them you care.

Acknowledge them. Notice them. Lean in. Listen completely. Praise their hard work. Compliment their positive attitude. Encourage their dreams. Thank them for their service.

It only takes a moment to change a life.

Never forget how good it feels to hear something positive about yourself. Pass the good vibes on.💛💫


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