Welcome to the world of Fibro/Fatigue. If you’d like to understand Fibro a little better please read this excellent post by My Fitness Journey, I have to add heart palpatations, GORD, restless legs and spasticity to the list.

But just like My Fitness Journey, I have found that having a positive attitude is life changing. I would also add; connecting with others, knowing I have a voice to contribute, knowing my voice matters and having the courage to speak up for myself and others.

What makes a difference to the quality of your life?

My Fitness Journey

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There are a lot of people who haven’t heard of fibromyalgia and those who have don’t always fully understand it; there are even those who think it isn’t real. A lot of people who are aware and do try to understand it make the mistake of thinking it’s all about pain. Although chronic pain is one of the main symptoms, there are many others that are less widely known, and symptoms can range greatly from person to person. Some of my symptoms include the following:

1. Fibro fog

Having fibro fog makes it hard to think clearly, it can make it hard to follow conversations and to formulate what you would like to say. It can be struggling to explain what you mean, finding it hard to comprehend what you would normally find easy to understand, and being unable to find the words among many other things.

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