“Famous last words” a witty phrase that is used in response to various remarks and means words that are soon proved to be wrong.


I’d like to invite you to… think back to your last words. Were they words you are proud to stand over? Are you proud of the message you communicated or with the benefit of hindsight could they be words that soon proved to be wrong?

Our words, when said in haste or without thought for the receiver, can HURT.

It may be too late in some cases to undo the hurt…but it is never too late to realise that ‘sure we all say things‘…is not a good enough excuse!

Of course we don’t always set out to HURT with our words but once hurtful words are uttered…the outcomes are far-reaching and can have a ripple effect!

Don’t doubt it! Our words hold POWER!

Our words can affirm and encourage or sadly they can emotionally and psychologically wound. I’d go as far as saying they can, in some cases…destroy!

Maybe today is a good day to become more aware of the powerful position we hold in the growth (or not) of those around us.

I say let’s warm each other with our words!

William Henry Seward, architect of the Alaska Purchase, was asked if he had any final words. He replied, “Nothing, only ‘love one another.’”

Much love,

Marie xx