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When we affirm someone…we celebrate them and today I affirm the staff of Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. I want to celebrate the staff and their realness!

Today I travelled with my 71 year old mother to her routine three monthly kidney transplant patient clinic. Mum has been attending hospital in Dublin, 170 km from home for 43 years now.

Thanks to the selfless decision and action of a donor’s family, my mum has been in my life 17 years longer (depending on your unique belief system), than God/the Universe or fate meant her to be.

Today was no different than any other visit;
We encountered people… real people at every stage of her appointment!

We met people… people who put their lives on hold to support the lives of others;

We met the pleasant clinic receptionist who used mum’s first name,

We met the blood clinic nursing staff who know the importance of being gentle,

Mum met the nurse who made small talk and laughed with her as she ran the routine pre-clinic checks,

We met the smiling young Junior Doctor, up since 6.30am who tells us she rarely has breakfast because an extra half hour in bed is more enticing and what I saw was a lovely young doctor who was just herself and it is so refreshing!

We met the Registrar or Senior Doctor, who patiently checked the work of the lovely young Junior Doctor and informed us of the next recommended steps while she acknowledged mum’s long connection to the clinic and wished her continued health.

These are all people worth celebrating. People who celebrate the lives of other people and who themselves deserve to be affirmed!

Who have you affirmed lately?  Who do you celebrate?  Or who will you celebrate today?

Much love,

Marie xx