via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

Forlorn can mean pitifully sad, abandoned or lonely.   January’s a dismal and dark month after the excitement of Christmas and it would be safe to say a lot of people feel forlorn, as less company, short, dark days and dismal weather would test anybody’s resillience.

Forlorn, can have a very different meaning of being unlikely to succeed or be fulfilled when we think in terms of an aim or an endeavour.

As I create space in my day for my aim; to use the daily prompt and as I endeavour to add another post to my blog I never feel forlorn!  I never feel sad, abandoned or lonely and I certainly never consider that I won’t succeed or be fulfilled. How could I? Knowing my inner-most thoughts, my specially selected words, my unique voice, takes flight and floats into the warm and inviting hearts of bloggers world wide!

Hello to all my visitors and “Thank You” for deleting ‘forlorn‘ from my dictionary of life! Join me as together we delete ‘forlorn‘ from your dictionary of life also!



Much love,

Marie xx