Update/Breakthrough…Thanks to a comment below this post I have to add a P.S….below my original post…

“Measure yourself against what you can achieve, against your own goals, not what you perceive others to be achieving.”

Vince Jeevar PsychSpot
The Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Pt III

What a great piece of advice! Start today…compete against yourself, set your own goals, raise your own bar, push your own development and avoid comparing yourself to others.

After all it’s like comparing an Irish summer to a Spanish summer…two totally different animals!


What has been your experience of setting and achieving your own goals? Have you seen what happens when you stop comparing yourself to others? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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If you are reading for the first time…thank you for visiting.  If you are visiting because of my update then thank you for your time, for visiting and reading again…

The subject of bullying and abuse is a subject that’s very close to my heart. Both my children were bullied…we still struggle with the aftermath…

Crazywriterof6’s comment (‘ I try ‘)…below has provided the key to help me unlock what I have wanted to share but couldn’t verbalise…until now.

My response…to Crazywriterof6…was as follows…

“Lovely to see you here, thanks for visiting and commenting! The main thing is that we continue to ‘try’.
I have learned a lot from my children. When my children were bullied I saw that our sense of power is taken from us – we feet (should read feel) useless/powerless or in otherwords demotivated/disempowered. (We give up ‘trying’ because we have been told through the actions of abusers that we are not good enough; ie we are told we are too stupid, too slow, too skinny, too fat, too smelly, gay etc….)

But if we can take on board the idea that what we ‘try’ to do today is ‘good enough’ for today and if we remain motivated to ‘try’ again tomorrow (no matter how bad we think ‘we’ or our effort was)…then we are on the path to accepting ourself as ‘good enough’…that’s all we need to be…we don’t need to be perfect!

And when we learn to be happy with not being perfect (not comparing ourselves to others) then it’s an awesome realisation and feeling of being ‘good enough as I am! A realisation that I don’t need to be like anybody else – I am myself”
Keep writing, keep ‘trying’ !! Best wishes, Marie. Thanks for helping me put this into words for the first time (feeling emotional now!) Bless you!

The work of ‘Alfred Adler…Individual Psychology’ has been a positive in this journey for me and informed my learning…you may find it interesting also.

Please share your thoughts with me!

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