UNDERSTAND YOURSELF BETTER…have a read of this great post from Too Big To Play Small!

LISTEN TO YOUR INNER CALLING!…I described my change of career to teaching 10 years ago to another teacher as a calling – it didn’t receive a similar response! But I’m still convinced it is, as I am happiest when I see someone make progress and begin to believe in themselves…funny thing is I’ve grown and continue to grow also, which I find is more often than not an unacknowledged perk of this job. What helps you grow and flourish??

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Too Big To Play Small

silentIn my mission to discover (remember) my soul’s purpose, I asked myself at least a thousand times, “what is my calling in life?”  In essence, what am I here to accomplish?

Some people know early on that they want to be a teacher, doctor, nurse, police officer, artist or musician.  When you ask them why, there is an exact reason for it, a cause they are serving from deep within.  I admire those people.  They just know.  Always have.

I am not one of them.  I AM convinced I have a definite thing I am here to do.  I am also convinced there is a definitely way that I will accomplish it.  Whatever “it” is.

Then something occurred to me.  Maybe it’s not about job title or label.  But rather, HOW I impact others in each moment.  The energy I bring forth.  Starting with my own family, and branching outward…

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