Take a minute to read this post… learn to share your imperfection instead of trying to hide them…then just try to remember next time you struggle to understand somebody… they just haven’t read this post or learned to value their imperfections! Wouldn’t communication be so much easier! Thanks Kamal at Boundless Blessings.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal


I came across this beautiful song on ‘A Broken Japanese Bowl’. In Japanese it is known as Kintsukoroi which means ‘to repair with gold’, the art of repairing pottery with ‘gold or silver lacquer’ and understanding that the piece is more beautiful and of utmost value for having been broken and how it must be saved: 

I’m like one of those Japanese bowls

That were made long ago

I have some cracks in me

They have been filled with gold


That’s what they used back then

When they had a bowl to mend

It did not hide the cracks

It made them shine instead


So now every old scar shows

From every time that I break

And anyone’s eyes can see

I’m not what I used to be


But in a collector’s mind

All of these jagged lines

Make me more beautiful

And worth…

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