via Daily Prompt: Neophyte

A year ago I was a neophyte to blogging. I typed up my first post and put it out there as much for myself as for you.

A little over sixteen months on and I’ve realised that something that started out as a pass-time has blossomed into something much more. I have a new dimension to my life.  It doesn’t replace other aspects of my life, like the enjoyment of working with my adult learners or my involvement with my family and friends but it does enhance them!

A little less than two years ago I would have LOLled, if you told me that I would share posts and comments with fellow bloggers from Ireland, Canada, America, Hong Kong, U.K., Malta, Nigeria and India!

I am no longer a neophyte to blogging and this could not have happened if it wasn’t for each one of you, taking the time to read my posts and better still swap comments, tips, insights and warm encouraging feedback!

I hope I can continue to do the same for others in return!

A warm Irish thank you and blessings to you!