Tonight we are literally stranded on an island waiting for Hurricane Ophelia to move in over us and our fate is in her hands!


A red weather alert has been announced for the whole country. Hopefully Ophelia will blow her worst before she reaches our costal counties and we won’t find ourselves in the eye of the storm!


Artwork by the very beautiful and talented Katie O’R., a name to keep an eye out for in the very near future!


The following is an extract from The Irish Times…

…Only 15 hurricanes have passed within 200 nautical miles of the Azores since scientific monitoring began in 1851.

“This one [Hurricane Ophelia] is very unusual in that it has come just slightly westwards but it has taken a direct tack northwards,” Met Éireann forecaster Evelyn Cusack said.

Making its way from the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean, the (previously) category three storm is the most powerful hurricane this far east of the United States on record. Parts of Ireland and the UK are due to experience the tail end of the hurricane on Monday.

Met Éireann meteorologist Deirdre Lowe said the hurricane was unusual “in that it has developed so far east”.

it is unheard of for a hurricane to form this far east in the Atlantic and then take a south-to-north track directly across Ireland