Opportunities for real life learning and hands on training should be part of every school and every education setting.

Only a few children are lucky enough to secure a part-time job and gain real life experience from it. (I can vouch for the benefits to be gained as my own son’s life changed as a result of part-time work).  All schools should have a health food shop, a sweet shop, a bring and buy shop, a coffee shop, a canteen to name a few and I’m sure you could add many more ideas.

There should be school dieticians, gym instructors, secretaries, caretakers and maintenance staff who have students shadow them and observe real life skills in action. This would give every child the opportunity to build real life skills as part of their education.

A few weeks of work experience during transition year is great but it could be so much more!
This is my wonderful niece on work experience. As you can see from that beaming smile and air of confidence, she is gaining so much from this role!

Real education is about much more than books and rote learning to pass academic exams. Real learning is active and involves discovery. It builds life skills through the developement of intrapersonal skills (gaining an understanding of yourself) and interpersonal skills (learning to understand others).

Would you agree? Let’s give all children these opportunities!