It is the final minutes of National Mental Health Day and I feel I have to share this important message which was posted on social media earlier today. I’m doing this to give an insight into what life is like with anxiety, to show how judgemental people can be, to show what resillience looks like and to show how insightful a 21 year old can be having learned a lot from the tough teachers that anxiety and society are…


“Today is national mental health day and normally I dont post really personal things here, but I feel like this is important. I’ve battled with anxiety my whole life and fighting successfully it is all down to the people you surround yourself with.

I’ve had friends and even relationships where I’ve been told that I’m no fun or that they cant cope with MY problem and for so long it made me feel like I was to blame, but Im not! Those people who made me feel small and unlovable are the reason why theres such a stigma around anxiety and depression.

I found myself apologising to these people for my anxiety until one day I realised that I dont need to apologise for who I am. I am happy with myself and I realised that I didnt need these toxic people in my life, so I stopped apologising and instead started to make it up to myself for blaming me for someone elses ignorance.

It’s only through my friends and loved ones that I’ve realised that its just an illness like any other. If you break a bone, you treat it, same goes for a mental illness. These amazing people are the ones that have made me stronger and more confident to take on things that would have originally scared me and helped me to brush off the people who made me feel small.

All it took was to go to my loved ones and tell them that I wasnt okay, it was the best thing I’ve ever done. If youre reading this and you have something, no matter how small thats bothering you please tell someone, or message me, I’d be happy to help. We need to stick together and be open with eachother in order to fight the stigma!”

…I am proud of this post because this kind of insight and level of awareness can take some people years to learn but… this was written by my very loving, talented and creative 21 year old daughter!… I think the future for mental health awareness is bright!

Don’t let anxiety quench your creative flame!