Well, any day I wake up is a good day! Yes, I think I can say that’s for sure! But if, like me, some days you struggle a little to see the positives because of some aches or illness, well take heart…because

Firstly, remember be kind to yourself and only have kind words for yourself because in the present set of circumstances you are doing the best you can!

Secondly, if you are struggling, share it – don’t hide it!  Reach out and take heart, because many more are going through the same struggle as you and there is comfort in shared stories!

Last but not least, be kind to others, who knows how they feel?

Check out this excellent A-Z link from Ireland’s HSE

I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but looking through this has helped me realise that the picture of health many people portray is possibly just that…a picture…because under the surface many others must be struggling; this list would not have been needed otherwise!!

Ps…remember…dont judge the book by its cover!


What will you do to make today a good day for yourself and others? Please let me know…