via Daily Prompt: Recreate



When I became a WordPress Blogger just over a year ago my hope was to…

1. Create a little space for myself, some ‘me’ space;

2. Dabble in and develop my love of writing; albeit a scary feeling to put myself out there and on display;

3. Connect with other like-minded people.

4. Reflect on life and grow stronger as I learn from it;

To say that I have achieved what I set out to do would be a massive understatement! I am amazed at how my little Irish life has changed in a mere few months as now…

I get to…

1. Look forward to and relish the little space I created…the ‘me’ space!

I get to…

2. Indulge my love of writing and my belief that writing changes us as it heals us, strengthens us and challenges us for the better!

I get to…

3. Share my life with each of you, as you have accepted me and my posts, encouraging me to find and use my unique voice. And better still I get to see life through your eyes as you have welcomed me into the difficult ‘lows’ and the exhilarating ‘highs’ in your life.  I live along side you, emersed in your life in America, Africa, Canada, India, Malta & New Zealand…to name but a few of the places I have never been but now feel I’m just a few words, a kind and constructive comment or thoughtfilled sentence away from!

And last but not least I get to…

4. Enhance, enliven and expand my own life and as a result enhance the lives of others as I continue to learn and widen my perspective, altering my narrow world view!


So have I achieved what I set out to do?  Well thanks to YOU, and with much gratitude I realise that I have managed to Create Space and Recreate my world… ..but I’m happy to leave you to your decision on that!

The important question for you is has becoming a WordPress blogger helped recreate your life? I would love to share in your thoughts!

Much love

Marie x

(I would like to acknowledge my use of three words… ‘I get to’ from my changed perspective as a result of reading a post by Candice at

one of the many insightful blogs I follow!)