If this photo published for me it shows a little swallow who decided to investigate our home but couldn’t get back out the door he came in. My husband managed to catch him in a tea-towel. I love how he looked into the camera before being freed!

This evening I became aware of the passage of time. I went for a walk with my husband around 7.30pm. The air was cool, as we have been dropped into Autumn rather rapidly in the last few days. I like to get a short walk as often as I can and the traffic was quiet, on our rural country road. The swallows were soaring and swooping in the sky over our heads and the air was filled with their delightful whistle-like chirping. Last year they left us on the 11th of September for their long journey to sunnier parts. I was conscious that we’ll only have the pleasure of their company for another few days. Their departure also brings to mind the reality of long winter nights to come. I’m looking forward to family time around our warm stove but I’ll also be eagerly looking ahead to the 10th of April, 2018 when the swallows will have returned to us again, bringing with them the joy of long evenings and better weather!