It’s not often I’m 34,000 feet (6 miles, the Pilot informed us) above ground level at Sun rise!  Actually if I’m honest I’ve never seen the sun rise from the window of a plane before.  This is the view that presented itself shortly after take-off from Cork Airport on Tuesday the 15th of August, 2017.


I found myself looking down on fluffy clouds as the sun began to rise.  The sun was casting a soft, relaxing orange glow ahead of itself. I felt weightless, worryless and experienced a real sense of contentment!

The moment was enhanced by the chatter from a little boy of about 6 years of age.  Both he and his dad, were native Irish speakers chatting ‘as gailge’ ‘in Irish’ behind me…

‘ta scamall as speir’ ‘there are clouds in the sky’ and

‘ta an griann at eirigh sa speir’ ‘the Sun is rising in the sky’ the little boy said with such excitement and wonder in his voice!

I’m a little ashamed to say that despite thirteen years of Irish classes in school, my knowledge of my own native language could only allow me catch these basic sentences. But what a beautiful language it is and both the dad and his son were asking each other questions and it was heartwarming to hear them, truly living in the moment, engaging each other in conversation!

Slowly the Sun made itself visible above the horizon.



What started out with a small glimpse of the sun SLOWLY turned into a glowing ball of light.

It made me think about a comment a student of mine made recently after reading my blog post … “It is very good!!,  I wish I could be good enough  to do something like that” they said…

Now the very same person has overcome many challenges and achieved so much in their own life. But I think, like that person we are all reluctant to firstly, acknowledge (name) and secondly, value (celebrate) the highs and lows in our lives.

We struggle to believe that we have done our best and that we will continue to do our best.

We struggle to talk ourselves up. We seem to think being kind and affirming of ourselves is a sign of pride.  I believe the very opposite. I believe when we acknowledge and value our experiences, both bad and good, that is the place where self-confidence dwells and the place where we can go to nourish ourselves and grow in self-confidence!

I believe that we are all GOOD ENOUGH as we are but I also believe we are GOOD ENOUGH to take on and try anything we want, we just need to remember that the full sun is not visible in one instant…

…it is a step by step process. Be kind to yourself, value all the highs and lows in your life! Don’t hold yourself back… step into your Sun, use your ability one step at a time…you are GOOD ENOUGH!



Much love,