There is so much that is not right with the world and it can often be a difficult journey but one way that we can begin to improve the quality of our life and the lives of those around us is by acknowledging what is good about life (even if to begin with, it is something very small, like a nice cup of tea and a warm welcome (I’m Irish…life revolves around tea!).

We seem to live life as if it came with a guarantee, at least I often catch myself with this mindset!


I’ve been trying to acknowledge at the end of everyday three things that were special to me that day.  I usually do this when I lie into bed but more often than not I fall asleep while I’m thinking about the first gratitude of my day not to mention the second!


So I’ve decided to capture yesterday’s before they vanish from memory.  These events stand out and make me feel alive, grateful, happy, privileged and blessed and that can be in a religious or non-religious/more spiritual way as I’m a big believer in leaving everybody to their own thing!


So my 3 Gratitudes…


1.  My daughter’s bubbly chatter as she filled me in on simple and exciting events in her life.


2. My son’s voiced acknowledgement and (possibly) new awareness (he is 18, so there is light coming at the end of the tunnel!), that as parents go, he thinks we do our best to be supportive and facilitative…luckily I was in the car, sitting or I would probably have fainted!


3. Hugs & kisses from my mam and dad when leaving after calling to say goodnight and really paying attention, being present in the moment and my dad saying “goodnight pet”. He has dementia and we don’t know how deterioration will impact him or when it will take him a little further from us.

I am grateful for these moments!

I hope this helps and encourages you to take time to capture and acknowledge the special moments in your day. I’d love you to share them with me! Together we can edit and write our new story!

Much love and encouragement!