I pride myself on being a positive person. I choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative in every day.  But today tested my positivity to the limit!


1 Step backwards… I work for the Government as an Adult Educator but every holiday my short term contract ends and I find myself dependent on social welfare. On Wednesday the 2nd of August, 6 weeks after applying for welfare, I finally got a letter saying my payment would be available on Friday 4th of August. I mixed up the date and as the following 3 days were holidays due to the August Bank Holiday, I was told my payment was withdrawn via technology and that it will take three weeks for my payment to be reissued via technology.


2 steps backwards… I visited my local tax office to get some forms only to find it is no longer open to the public.  You have to phone to make an appointment as it is now run as a dedicated appointment service.  I was instructed to go home, go online and download the forms.


3 steps backwards…At home I tried to access my internet, only to find yet again, my less than 1mb of internet connection wasn’t working.  I couldn’t connect to the internet.  I am paying the same price as customers who have access to 20mb’s of internet but because I live in rural Ireland we have to put up with a service that is little more than dial-up.

My positivity began to crumble…

I decided to cancel my internet service.  After phoning the Internet Service Provider and spending ages listening to the different options and being left on hold I finally got to interact with a human being! At long last a real person, not another piece of technology; the only problem…she wanted me to access my internet and use the code she would text to my phone to cancel my account!

I give up!  Has technology even taken over common sense?