2015-06-05 19.24.30


I’m setting myself a goal today…..


Having recently heard of the distress someone was feeling in their relationship I did a little research and I thought this finding was interesting…


“According to research conducted by relationship expert and author, Dr. John Gottman, the ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions with your partner has to be greater than five to one for your relationship to be happy and healthy.”


Feeling thankful for the wonderful relationship I have, I thought it’s equally important not to become complacent and it’s all too easy to take our relationship for granted…..so I set myself a goal…


Today I’m going to see if I can have 5:1 positive interactions with my husband and…with all the family members and everyone I encounter today.


Wish me luck!


I’ll pop back and give you an update.


Do you already have a 5:1 relationship with your important others?  If not, why not?


Would you be open to giving it a try?  I’d love to hear about your experiences!