‘Funny that’, he thought… that he should select a battery from the writing prompt lucky dip. It was almost as if it was brought to him, but then again he believed that everything was brought to him.


Batteries are a form of energy and that was why he joined the writing workshop.  He went to the workshop to fuel his own energy, to take time out, to recharge!


A luminous green battery sat in front of him on the little table and its luminosity appealed to him.  He realised that we all possess an inner luminosity, a bright shining energy that life and living can try to dim.


But he had learned to care for himself by taking time out and trying out something new.  Taking on a new challenge provided wonderful opportunity to re-charge, renew, refill that battery or maybe he thought, all we need is to dust our battery off and let its hidden energy shine.


What have you done to recharge or dust off your battery today?