I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes stops what they are doing and wonders when or how life got so busy, so complicated and worst of all so dull?


I like to compare it to finding myself lost in a huge field of grass; probably because I’m a country girl!  This field of grass has very few flowers in it with which to brighten my day!


Sometimes I wonder is my mind playing tricks on me, fooling me into thinking I’m busier than I actually am.  But then I list all the different roles I have in my day and the list becomes very real!


But I realise I could let go control of some of these roles and trust others to do an equally good job. This would provide them with an opportunity for growth by letting them take on new roles and realise how capable they are!


Or I might invest my time in something new and be pleasantly surprised to discovered some new unused skill or talent!


Maybe my new found enjoyment might spill over into my hum-drum daily roles and brighten someone else’s day and wouldn’t that be nothing short of amazing!


I might find myself changing my focus, finding life doesn’t feel quite so busy, complicated and dull? I might no longer feel lost in that huge field of grass…I might actually have noticed some flowers and have mastered how to focus on their beauty!


What have you done today to notice the flowers in your field of grass? How can you shift your focus?