Last Saturday we decided to go browsing in an antique shop. This was something new for us. My husband had watched a few tv programmes on buying antiques and had been telling me about it and our curiosity had been piqued. We thought we’d take a look for ourselves.


We must have browsed for over an hour and came away with only one small purchase but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realised there was more to learn from a visit to an antique shop than I had initally thought.


I realised…


1.  Seeing new things on tv and talking about them is one thing but actually acting on it to make it happen in real life is a whole different experience!


2.  Regularly setting yourself a new project or goal can provide opportunity for self development, enhance your communication and social skills and improve your mental and physical health into the bargain.


3.  Think twice before you dismiss people or items in your life just because they are around you a long time.  Maybe, try looking at them from a different angle, you just might not be seeing their real value.


4.  Think before you part with your hard earned cash. Do you really need something? Remember there are more important things in life than materialistic possessions.


5.  Be prepared to haggle.  Nothing in life is certain but be confident enough to ask questions, seek answers, show respect for expert advice, and learn to value your own judgement.


6. This is the little vase that caught my eye.




It is brass with an enamel finish. It only cost me 6 euro (after haggling!).  But it has taught me a lot and helped me remember that often it’s the little things in life that are important and that can bring so much happiness.


Did you try something new recently? Did you learn anything new from the experience? I’d love to hear what you learnt.


Like life….this story is to be continued! Please join me again soon…