I’m off work for 10 weeks and I want to try new experiences if they present themselves to me or if something appeals to me.  I love fresh flowers and lots of colour. This evening I came across a photo of pansies on my husband’s phone and using my daughter’s discarded pastels from an art course she did a few years ago, I sat down to just give it a go…and as you can see it’s pretty amature, I have no sense of scale so it is out of proportion. I could rip it up at a minutes notice but I’m not going to because I am just slightly pleased with it! I haven’t drawn or painted since secondary school (1985)!!

I think I can learn something from this humble experience…It reminds me to…

  1. give things a go,
  2. give it my best effort,
  3. have realistic expectations,
  4. realise that it is good enough as it is,
  5. that I am growing and my skills will grow with me,
  6. to be grateful for new opportunities,
  7. to accept constructive feedback and compliments (it’s an Irish thing being slow to accept compliments),
  8. to encourage others to step outside their comfort zones
  9. to be patient and keep practising for as long as I find it enjoyable,
  10. to most of all, have fun!                                                          Have you tried something new lately?