(picture courtesy of wikipedia)

Mixed Nuts

Cream, Brown and mixed shades,

Oval, semi-circular, smooth or rough


Just like people

Come in all shapes & sizes.


I love walnuts but that’s probably because they are found on top of a Walnut Whip, my favourite chocolate treat.


Pistachios are also a favourite, closely followed by peanuts and hazelnuts.

Although extremely good for you, the almond has never really lit my fire.  I don’t particularly like it either when it’s upgraded to almond paste or marzipan and wrapped around a beautiful rich fruit cake, smothering it, before the sugar overloaded icing is added on top.


Nuts & seeds have increased in popularity in recent years.  They are famed for their dietary benefits, providing beneficial, healthy omega 3’s and healthy fats.

Almonds are I believe a superfood, high in magnesium, a mineral now almost depleted from our souls.


Every time I see a bowl of nuts it reminds me that it’s ok to be different, unique and individual.

It also encourages me to regularly let my hair down and go just a little nuts!