As I approach the first anniversary of my WordPress blog I’m beginning to realise how privileged I am to have this platform from which to see life through the eyes and experiences of other people.

With every blog I read, I learn something new or I am reminded of something I valued, yet through complacency, have let slip.

I am also reminded how valuable and transient life is and of the importance of living true to the life you really want and Lily’s blog “True North Nomad” is a perfect example of what I mean.

I am amazed by the bravery and honesty in Lily’s blog.  It is not a curiosity that encourages me to follow Lily’s blog, but a genuine connection with the values that are evident in every word she writes.  Further more I am humbled to find my simple undramatic musings being followed in return.

I am also struck by how truly global learning has become when I can sit in rural Ireland and share in and learn from the experiences of another amazing human being living on the other side of our planet.

My only wish is that someday soon the world will be more like the community of kindness and support I see, feel and read here every day on WordPress.

Crucial C’s (Adler)

Connect, Capable, Count, Courage