There was something very special about last night and I’d like to capture a word picture of the magic I felt! I didn’t take a photo of it but even if I did I don’t think it would have done it any justice.

Last night was Earth Hour and I was both shocked and delighted to be told by my now 18 and 21 year old son and daughter that they wanted us to take part in Earth Hour. In case you haven’t heard of Earth Hour it’s a one hour gap in time between 8pm and 9pm on Saturday night the 25th of March where all lights are switched off and we try to reduce our carbon footprint on our precious planet.  We had taken part I can recall once before, a good few years ago when our children were much younger. I remember them enjoying the cosy glow of the candles and the family time and I being mesmerised by the fun and love and beauty radiating from their rosy eager faces.  I don’t know why we haven’t thought to take part since, probably just being busy and hadn’t heard of it.

But last night was special because this time we didn’t instigate it, they did!  Obviously some of our love for this planet and consideration for our environment must have rubbed off on them. They even insisted on extending the hour to near on two hours!  So what was special about last night? Well first off, it meant we detatched from technology. No Facebook or Snap Chat or a million other unending updates and posts and pop-ups to consume our time and demand our undivided attention. Instead we mindfully set aside some quiet time, some time to just ‘be’. It felt good to just ‘be’ a human, content with just ‘be’ing in the company of other human ‘be’ings. It was a very welcome break and change from always ‘doing’ as a robotic human ‘do’ing.

But it was special also because we are not four anymore, we were six last night as both our children had a friend to visit. It was a time to sit without distraction and talk. A time to be inclusive and learn something new about ourselves and each other. We talked and talked and laughed and shared memories and plans for the future.  We reminisced of times past, of family adventures and tales of mishaps and sleep-walking. It was heart warming; in the warmth of our cosy stove and the fleeting shadows cast by the dancing candle light, to be surrounded by the capable and environmentally aware, young adults who will shape our future.

It was encouraging to see them value family time and face to face interaction over and above online social networks. There is a hint of awareness there of the need for social real-time people contact. There was involvement, buy-in, love and laughter in abundance. What a lovely memory to be recalling on this special morning that is Mother’s Day, what a memory to treasure… Maybe they’ll recommend an Earth Hour every weekend! Lets value our precious environment and our precious friends and family.20161121_163506