If we could describe anxiety through the five senses what might it be?

If we could see anxiety what might it look like?

Maybe anxiety could be opaque, the colour of frosted glass, sometimes the frosting is dull and obscures your view, sometimes it lets a little light shine through. Or could we compare it to a migraine aura, obscuring your vision or providing sparkling on the fringes at best.

If anxiety was a smell, what would it smell like?

Might it smell unwelcome, like a freshly opened, still in date but sickeningly tainted packet of processed ham or like the water that you meant to change but forgot in your two week old vase of flowers, lying stagnent and putrid.

If you could taste anxiety?  What might it taste like?

Might it taste like a rushed lunch, unsavoured and caught in your throat?  Or might it cause unwelcome indigestion and acid reflux, that keeps reappearing despite bombarding it with all your over the counter antacids to keep it at bay.

If anxiety was tactile and we could touch or hold it, what might it feel like?

Might it feel like a tidal wave, a tsunami, a car crash, impossible to hold or maybe it’s impossible to let go; like a conscience that constantly criticises self, thanks to over righteous chastising at the hands of authoritarian parents and might it be doing its utmost to leave a fosil like imprint on your mind, body and soul?

If we could hear anxiety what would anxiety sound like?

Might it sound like overload, like a tv volume on maximum coupled with your radio and YouTube blaring in the background. Or could it be omni-present, everywhere, even outdoors? Comparable to living underneath the unceasing boom of the flightpath to a busy airport or beside the incessant roar of motorway traffic?

Or…could it be the very opposite? Could it be flat and silent and soul-less, like being the only person alive on the planet; despite being part of the crowd?

I’d love to hear your description of anxiety through your five senses. Please share your thoughts with me.

Le grà,

Mindfully Marie xx