Can two statements or pieces of feedback change your life? I’m setting myself up to find out!

I took part in a four day Adlerian Psychology Workshop recently entitled ‘Leadership in Action’ and what a fantastic experience it turned out to be. It was everything a learning experience should be, welcoming, positive, warm, affirming and fun. It was a safe space that nurtured growth and development.  At the conclusion, two statements of personal feedback, struck a chord with me.

The first, ‘life is a journey not a destination’ now that was not news to me or to you either I’m sure and the second  ‘you’re further than you think’,  got my head spinning and set me thinking….

As for the first statement, I think we are all aware that life is a journey, a journey that can be busy, way too busy sometimes. The big question is am I missing out on the journey by being focused only on the destination or larger goal. Let me try and explain.  Have you ever, for example, travelled by train to your nearest city, excited at the prospects of city shopping. Are you so focused on the destination that the two hour journey through towns and countryside pass in a blur? Do you notice the changing countryside and the many nuances of weather? Do you observe the people around you, their clothes, their use of technology or garner snapshots of their lives as they answer phone calls from home or work. Do you savour the aromas from the dining car or are you oblivious to this vibrant community, absorbed only in your thoughts of the city. Is the present moment lost to you, silenced by what has yet to come?

2. The second statement ‘You’re further than you think’ also intrigued me. I asked myself did it imply that I have now lived longer than I’ve got left to live, which at my age is very likely and that I need to push ahead. Or does it imply that I’m not valuing what I already have and what I’ve achieved. Am I still searching for some elusive destination when everything I need to feel fulfilled is already within my grasp?

So with both these ideas simultaneously churning inside my head, I realised the importance of taking time out to notice how I am feeling, to capture my thoughts and take notice of my day. I have so much to gain for being ‘present’ with the people and events in this very moment and to allow myself to just ‘be’. Also what of the experiences, thoughts and feelings I’ve already had? How do I reclaim and value these? Am I neglecting these, failing to recall and honour these wonderful events at the expense of what has not yet come. Surely that is a fallacy, a lost opportunity!

What if I evaluated the happenings of this very moment and combined it with what I have learnt and taken from my past experiences? Could I enhance the remainder of my day and maybe even influence my tomorrow? Could I in some way support someone else with my new found insights?

I hope this space will help me do just that and I invite you to join me as I attempt to discover and construct some new possibilities. I hope you will travel this journey with me. It’s been nice having you with me, to talk to!